Jane Kelly Kosek is a storyteller through various media platforms. She develops, writes, produces, directs and conducts research for feature films, web series and television shows, as well as writes and publishes romantic novellas and novels. She is drawn to character-driven,  often romantic, stories with relationships that delve into the human condition.

In 2016, Jane is in post-production on a teen comedy titled Pitching Tents, written by Rob Fox and Jayme Petrille, and directed by Jacob Cooney. In addition, she will be producing the drama 20 Weeks, written and to be directed by Leena Pendharkar, and the romantic drama titled Epiphany by Koula Sossiadis Kazista. She is also developing a Web series for Universal and a television series pitch with writer/director/actor Sam Jaeger.

From 2014 to 2015, Jane delved into writing long fiction. She wrote and published four novellas – Olympic Conquest, All I Want for Christmas Is You, Valentine Schmalentine (with Brandon Trenz) and Breathe, along with her debut novel 30 Days to LoveOlympic Conquest has steadily grown in popularity on the Web site Wattpad, where it has garnered over 250,000 reads. Jane recently completed a sequel to Olympic Conquest titled Olympic Desire. Currently she is writing a sci-fi novel on Wattpad titled Hybrid and a new romantic drama, with the title TBD.

Also in 2014, Jane produced two short projects – Dandekar Makes a Sandwich (a short based on Leena Pendharkar’s Days with Dandekar), which won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Short Film at the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, and a Web series presentation for Universal with Sam Jaeger titled The Button. Also in 2014, she handled the research on two new documentaries directed by Oscar-winner Morgan Neville.

Jane also enjoys creating for the Web – she is a partner in the So Natural TV YouTube Channel (a Web channel featuring sharp-witted shows for women) with Leena Pendharkar. She also helms the Meritage Pictures YouTube Channel. And she often collaborates with Academy Award-nominated documentarian Leslie Iwerks on various documentary projects.

From 2012 to 2013, Jane worked on a feature-length documentary on the Disney Imagineering division with Leslie Iwerks Productions. For almost three years, she travelled the world line producing shoots at various Disneyland locations. Also in 2013, she produced a new short film titled Plain Clothes, written and directed by Sam Jaeger. In addition, she produced shorts and the Web series Overly Attached Andy for So Natural TV and wrote and directed the Web series I Love My Annoying Spouse.

In 2012, with Leslie Iwerks, Jane produced the feature-length documentary Citizen Hearst, which premiered at the 2012 Hamptons Film Festival, and in 2011, Jane produced the short documentary on the Keystone XL Pipeline titled Pipe Dreams, which was shortlisted for an Academy Award. In 2010, Jane produced the romantic drama The Diary of Preston Plummer, starring Trevor Morgan, Rumer Willis and Robert Loggia, which had its world premiere at the 2012 Miami International Film Festival. Also in 2010, she was a producer on the Starz documentary Industrial Light & Magic: Creating the Impossible.

In 2009, Jane produced the award-winning romantic comedy Take Me Home, starring Sam Jaeger and Amber Jaeger, which world-premiered at the 2011 Nashville Film Festival – where it won the Best Music in a Film award. In 2007, Jane produced and co-wrote the romantic drama Not Since You, starring Desmond Harrington, Kathleen Robertson and Christian Kane. Jane also executive produced Tennessee, starring Mariah Carey, which had its World Premiere at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival.

Other titles that Jane has produced include the award-winning short film Gay Baby, the first adaptation of a Thomas Ligotti short story titled The Frolic, the micro-budget thriller Fierce Friend, and the drama Straight Line, which premiered at the 2005 South by Southwest Film Festival.

Prior to producing, Jane worked with Academy Award-winning screenwriter and producer Akiva Goldsman on numerous studio productions, including Academy Award-winning A Beautiful Mind, Starsky & Hutch, Constantine, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. She also worked in the publishing industry as a writer and editor.

In addition, Jane blogs about her journey in the film industry at and her passion for great wine and wine country at