Pitching Tents
Pitching Tents

It was a simple time ... then things got hard.

It’s 1984 and Danny Whitaker is a laidback, high school kid in Oil City, Pennsylvania. He loves music, he loves to draw and he loves to hang with his friends. He’s about to graduate, but there’s just one thing – he has no idea what to do with his life. He thought he’d have the summer to figure it out, but his crackpot guidance counselor has ulterior motives for wanting Danny to attend college, while his no-nonsense father insists Danny follow in his footsteps at the local chemical plant. To help ease the pressures from reality, Danny’s buddies whisk him away to the woods for a weekend camping trip and the party of the year. That night Danny frantically runs from the police and falls, knocking himself unconscious. When he comes to, he is staring into the beautiful smile of Alison. Is he dreaming, or has Danny discovered Goddess Camp – the urban legend of “skinny-dipping chicks” that so many horny high-school boys have searched for and fantasized about for years? Danny falls hard for Alison as she nurses him back to health and helps him discover the strength he needs to take charge of his own destiny.

Pitching Tents is nothing short of a masterpiece.... (It) resurrects the magic of the 80’s, a hilarious yet heartfelt movie. It really is a film that is truly special. – Back to the Movies


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