Straight Line
Straight Line

Sophie, I didn't expect to find such a wonderful girl in the middle of nowhere – Bobby

Bobby Line seeks refuge in the beauty of Montana following the death of his mother, Monika. There he meets a young woman named Sophie who slowly captures his heart. They begin a romance that abruptly ends when Sophie runs away to Panama—a place she has always dreamed of. Unable to lose another person in his life, Bobby goes on a journey to find Sophie.

The film interweaves three separate moments in time: Monika dying in her hospital bed and recalling the past, Bobby and Sophie’s first week together in Montana, and Bobby’s journey through five countries to find Sophie.

World Premiere at the 2005 South by Southwest Film Festival.

(A) gentle tapestry on love and life; those choices made and the decisions avoided. 'Straight Line' is rewarding in its simplicity and straightforward sense of purpose. – Film Threat


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