Not Since You
Drama, Romance
Not Since You

At a weekend wedding life will get complicated, love will get crowded, and friendship will bring everyone together.

Sam surprises his old NYU college friends when he shows up at one of their weddings in Athens, Georgia. He hasn’t been seen or heard from in years – traveling the world alone since Amy left him. He returns to find the once tight-knit group fractured, having drifted apart after graduation and 9/11.

Billy is now dating Victoria, much to the disgust of Howard, who can’t forgive his childhood best friend for stealing his college sweetheart. Once an ambitious Wall Street executive, Joey has resolved to drink his life away. But Sarah, the fun-loving children’s author, won’t give up on him. And Amy, despite dating Sam throughout college, is now married to Ryan, a man far less exciting and adventurous. Sam’s unexpected arrival unravels her comfortable world.

Will the weekend be a disaster when old conflicts and love affairs spark again?

***** The Big Chill for the 21st Century – Videoviews

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